It is currently anticipated that most or all of the homes in this community will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis; however, Seller may elect to sell homes by any other lawful process in its discretion without advance notice. For complete details of the first-come, first served sales process as well as Seller’s reservation of rights, see below.


The homes in this sales release will be available to purchase on a first-come, first-served basis. Classic 1122 Aster, L.P. (“SELLER”) will announce the homes to be released for sale and the purchase price for each home to be included in the sales release on the Lawrence Station website ( and by email to the Lawrence Station interest list.

Parties wishing to purchase a home at Classics at Lawrence Station must provide the following at the time of sale:

  • A valid Preliminary Approval letter from one of our Preferred Lenders.  
  • If your Preliminary Approval is from Wells Fargo but not from Keith Cova, you must email your current Preliminary Approval Letter to Keith ( for his approval.
  • If your Preliminary Approval is from Bank of America but not from Chanelle Murphy, you must email your current Preliminary Approval Letter to Chanelle ( for her approval. 
  • Be sure your Preliminary Approval Letter is sufficient to cover the purchase price. For example, if the home you want to purchase is priced at $1,520,000, you must be approved for a minimum of $1,520,000. Since prices are not yet available, we recommend having the Lender approve you for the maximum purchase price you wish to invest in your new home.
  • Your Preliminary Approval Letter must be valid, and not expired, as of the date of the Sales Release. 
  • Buyer’s current contact information.
  • A personal check payable to First American Title Company in the amount of 3% of the purchase price.
  • If you are a cash buyer, you must bring a current copy of your proof of liquid funds (US bank/brokerage account).

Buyers who meet the criteria above will be given the opportunity to choose any available home on a first-come, first-served basis, and will be required to complete and sign the Purchase Agreement and related sales documents within 24 hours.

The following guidelines will apply to this sales release:

  • All Sales will be subject to the terms and conditions of Classics at Lawrence Station sales documents.  Contingent sales (sales which are contingent on the sale of an existing home) will not be accepted.
  • BUYER must sign the Purchase Agreement and related sales documents (disclosures, etc.) within 24 hours.
  • If the Classics at Lawrence Station Sales Staff is unsuccessful in contacting BUYER, or if BUYER does not execute the Purchase Agreement and related sales documents within 24 hours of BUYER’s selection of a home, SELLER may terminate BUYER’s right to purchase.
  • At the time the Purchase Agreement is ratified, BUYER and SELLER shall open escrow with First American Title Company, and the check for 3% of the purchase price will be deposited into the escrow account.
  • Please note that the prices for homes in a future sales release may be higher or lower than those in previous releases.
  • Interested parties should contact the Classics at Lawrence Station Sales Staff for information on future sales releases.

The sales process described above may or may not be used for future sales releases.  SELLER reserves the right to modify the sales process at any time for any reason, including weather related conditions, without prior notice to prospective buyers. SELLER also reserves the right to accept, reject or counter any unsolicited offer on any home not included in the Sales Release. 

Brokers/Agents must accompany their clients on the client’s first visit to Classics at Lawrence Station and fill out the Broker/Agent registration form.  Broker/Agent referral fee is not available for occupancy by the Broker or Agent in the transaction.  Neither Broker nor Agent may be a party to the Purchase Agreement, Loan, or on Title for the home. All referral fees will be paid upon close of escrow directly to the referring Broker.  No portion of the referral fee may be credited to the Buyer through escrow.  More information on our Broker Policy can be found at LawrenceStationHomes/Brokers.

Proxies: A BUYER who is unable to attend the sales release may use a proxy if the proxy has a current, notarized power of attorney from the BUYER authorizing the proxy to enter into a contract to purchase real property on the buyer’s behalf.  Power of Attorney must be prepared by appointment only with Maria Delgadillo ( or Cristina Marroquin ( at First American Title Company.  All rules and procedures set forth herein apply to the proxy just as they would apply to the BUYER.

We look forward to helping you become a homeowner at Lawrence Station!  If you have any questions, please contact the Classics at Lawrence Station Sales Staff.